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This is an unfinished product. It is meant to showcase my ability to use the tool and is not a represenatation of a polished product.

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This was my real first deep-dive into asset creation. I had to really pay attention to the artboard sizes to make sure they matched my dimensions in storyline. I learned a lot about placement of assets for animation effects in storyline and picked up a lot of valuable tricks while creating this project.

While this idea didn’t make it into a final product, it was a valuable exercise in working with a SME to reach a compromise. My SME’s didn’t find the navigation intuitive but loved the idea of the interactive. We worked through one additional iteration until we both decided that this approach wasn’t going to work best for their content. Together, we decided on a new approach and were happy with the outcome.

Kyle Bracchi
Kyle Bracchi
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I am constantly learning, applying what I learn and iterating on my work.